How to Teach Kids Social Communication?

Answer Everyone wants their child to be smart, but a child's social communication skills are just as important as his intellectual abilities. Social communication helps a child make friends, feel accepted... Read More »

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How to Teach Kids Good Communication Skills?

Good communication skills are important for adults as well as children. These skills can be taught when the child is very young, and then polished and developed through practise throughout his life... Read More »

How to Teach Social Strategies to Shy Kids?

Not every child is loud and outgoing. There will always be a quiet child, and hey! That's life! But it's quiet simple to teach lasting social skills! All you need is patience and an open mind, read... Read More »

How to Teach Kids about the Boston Tea Party in Social Studies?

In 1773, approximately 50 members of the American patriot organization, Sons of Liberty, boarded three ships in Boston harbor, disguised at Native Indians. According to PBS, the men, "in a very qui... Read More »

Is the art of communication being strangled by Social networking?

Of course it is and is well documented on most newspaper websites.The latest one I read was that people are now so lazy, they will textsomeone in the NEXT room would you believe.A good one to use f... Read More »