How to Teach Kids About Theater Lighting & Sound?

Answer Theater and sound are two very important elements within the world of theater. Sound and light help set the stage and the mood, conveying emotions and tones that cannot necessarily be inferred thro... Read More »

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Theater Lighting Tricks?

Great lighting can often mean the difference between a sold-out performance and an empty theater. Because the stage always needs to convey the emotion of a scene, lighting helps create elements of ... Read More »

I have a HT-BD1255 surround sound theater system, how do i connect electronics so they have surround sound?

Too many details left out.....Are you using HDMI or Component cables for your xbox360 ?You need to look for inputs, not outputs. You only need 1 output for all your devices. If you dont have enough... Read More »

How to connect home theater and have tv sound with receiver off and turn receiver on when I want HT sound?

all you have to do is,on your cable box, output 1, make an A/V connection with your tv,for video use the component(red,blue,green) video connection(you will use the hdmi out for the HT connection) ... Read More »

Sound and Lighting Schools?

Major universities, state and city colleges offer sound and lighting design courses. A sound designer or sound mixer learns about analog and digital recording techniques and sound manipulation. A c... Read More »