How to Teach Kids About Germs & Hygiene?

Answer Proper personal hygiene is not only important for our own overall well being, it's also important for prevention of spreading germs to others. When teaching children about the importance of germs a... Read More »

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Things to Teach Elementary Kids About Good Hygiene?

For kids, the world is a big place where they are meant to play and explore. Of course, this means there will be many mud pies made, spit handshakes between friends and sodas shared at slumber part... Read More »

Easy Kids' Science Fair Experiments About Germs?

Germs are living organisms that cause infection or disease. The four main types of germs are bacteria, viruses, fungus and protozoa. These germs affect not only people, but also plants and animals.... Read More »

How to Teach Your Teen About Feminine Hygiene Products?

Approaching any topic relating to puberty with your teenage daughter may seem like daunting task. Teenage daughters can become specialists in eye rolls and heavy sighs when it is time to sit down w... Read More »

What Should We Teach a Third Grade Class About Hygiene?

Hygiene is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, functioning society. Even young third-graders are capable of understanding the importance of hygiene and putting it into practice. Explain not only... Read More »