How to Teach Kids About Clean Drinking Water?

Answer While modern home owners receive clean water through pipes, not everyone has easy access to clean drinking water. People in poor countries often gather drinking water from rivers and streams where ... Read More »

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What would cause an icemaker to make dirty ice- The drinking water that comes out is clean and clear however when I get ice and add water to it I notice tiny little flakes and particles floating?

I just solved this problem at my house (1/08). In some models of ice makers the teflon coating on the tray can flake off and you will generally see small grey or black flecks in the melted ice. Th... Read More »

Do you know how clean your drinking water is?

Unless there are problems with a towns drinking water supply or town wells, drinking water is just as clean and safe to drink as bottled water.…

What are the top slogans for clean drinking water?

How to Clean the Water Pump for Your Cat/Dog's Petmate Drinking Fountain?

If you live with a cat or a dog, you might own a PetMate Drinking Fountain. If you notice the water isn't cascading down the front like it's supposed to, try cleaning the water pump before spending... Read More »