How to Teach Inuit Mythology?

Answer Native to the Arctic regions of North America, the Inuit have a rich and diverse mythology. Representative of their historical and cultural connection with the environment, much of Inuit mythology ... Read More »

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Inuit Types?

Inuits are an aboriginal people who live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of North America, Russia and Greenland. They are descended from the Thule people, who originated on the coast of Alaska... Read More »

What is the Inuit name for Mount McKinley?

The Inuit name for Mt. McKinley in Alaska is Denali. In 1896, American explorer William Dickey named the mountain, the tallest point in North America, after then-President William McKinley, though ... Read More »

Tools of the Inuit Tribe?

The Inuit tribe has lived and survived in the Arctic for centuries. The Inuit or Eskimo people developed innovative social networks and survival techniques to deal with the harsh cold and extreme e... Read More »

The Ancestry of the Inuit Indians?

The Inuit are one of many indigenous people of North and South America. Indigenous people predate the arrival of Christopher Columbus and other Europeans and are sometimes called "pre-Columbian" pe... Read More »