How to Teach Integers to Kids?

Answer The word integer refers to any whole positive or negative number. These numbers are used on a daily basis, both in academics and in basic day-to-day activities, from adding and subtracting to under... Read More »

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How to Teach the Subtraction of Integers?

Integers include all whole positive and negative numbers and zero. Students begin learning about positive integers at an early age. Negative integers are introduced later and applied to addition pr... Read More »

How to Teach Multiplying Integers?

The teaching of multiplying integers (whole numbers) can benefit from teaching techniques. Ineffective teaching techniques can leave students and teachers frustrated, especially if the student is p... Read More »

Motivational Activities to Teach Integers?

Integers are the foundation of basic mathematics. Researchers at Northwestern University believe that children think of integers as sets, e.g., they connect the number "three" to a set of three obj... Read More »

What Are Signed Integers & Unsigned Integers?

Teachers usually introduce the concept of signed and unsigned integers to students in late elementary or early middle school. Outside of their strictly mathematical uses, signed and unsigned intege... Read More »