How to Teach Grammar in High School?

Answer Teachers can teach grammar in high school in two ways: prescriptive or traditional and descriptive or transformational. Teachers present prescriptive grammar as a set of rules that students must le... Read More »

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Effective Ways to Teach Middle School Grammar?

When you're preparing to teach grammar, tedious subject matter such as punctuation and the parts of speech come to mind. Rather than using the usual worksheet or reading straight from a grammar tex... Read More »

The Similarities Between Grammar School & High School?

At first glance, grammar school and high school may not seem to have much in common. A closer look reveals common ground between grammar school students in their early education and high school stu... Read More »

Help With Math Skills for Grammar & High School Kids?

You can find help with math skills for grammar and high school kids in several forms, forums and media. Tutoring, resource centers, homeschooling and interactive media are well-rounded forms of le... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Technology in High School Grammar and Language Arts Classes?

Teachers of language arts and grammar can integrate technology into classroom instruction through use of the Internet and common software applications to enhance student learning. The use of techno... Read More »