How to Teach Golf in Spanish?

Answer Golf is a sport that requires experience, determination and patience. Teaching golf also requires these attributes, but if you are dedicated to helping someone else learn about the game, you will h... Read More »

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How to Teach Spanish?

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How to Teach the Spanish Subjunctive?

The Spanish language differs from English in several key respects. One of these is the subjunctive mood. Although English does have a subjunctive mood, it is so little used that most students are u... Read More »

How to Teach Spanish to Kindergartners?

Teaching Spanish to kindergartners has many benefits. Children who are exposed to Spanish or other foreign languages at an early age clearly benefit when it comes to their reading abilities, accord... Read More »

How to Teach Spanish With Games?

In many high schools, foreign language classes are required for students. Teaching Spanish to students who have never spoken a foreign language may be tricky, but games make learning a new language... Read More »