How to Teach Globalization to 7th Grade?

Answer Globalization is a phrase students should understand thoroughly in today's increasingly interconnected world. The phrase has changed over the years --- from the concept of free trade across the wor... Read More »

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How to Teach DBQ to Grade 4?

A DBQ, or document-based question, allows students to analyze primary source documents, and gives them the opportunity to respond or write essays based on the information they gather in connection ... Read More »

How to Teach 4th Grade Math?

The key to success as a teacher of any grade or subject is making sure your students can relate to the material. This can prove more difficult in subjects like math, but it is not impossible. For e... Read More »

How to Teach 1st Grade Math?

Students in the first grade have only just begun to study the basic concepts of math. At this skill level, you should be teaching them simple addition and subtraction, as well as the basics of geom... Read More »

How to Teach Non-Fiction to Grade One?

Fiction and nonfiction writing serve different purposes. Students need to be able to understand and produce both kinds of writing to succeed in school. Later in life, information found in nonfictio... Read More »