How to Teach French to Preschoolers?

Answer Being bilingual is a big advantage. Not only does it give you a wider choice of countries to live in, but it also gives you a bigger variety of jobs, as fluency in another language is a skill highl... Read More »

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Art Activities for Teaching Preschoolers Colors in French?

Teaching colors to preschoolers in French is a fun activity. Preschoolers love colors and enjoy art related activities. It is important to keep every project organized and manageable. To begin, it'... Read More »

How do i teach numbers to preschoolers?

Learning numbers involves a long process of learning to count and to identify written numbers. When you teach numbers to preschoolers, you have to give them time to get through all of the numbers i... Read More »

How do i teach rhythm to preschoolers?

Establish a BeatCreate a steady beat with the preschoolers. Set a metronome or clap a steady beat yourself, between 80 and 110 beats per minute. Ask the preschoolers to clap along or tap their toes... Read More »

How to Teach Time to Preschoolers?

Time is a difficult concept to grasp. Philosophers from Aristotle to Martin Heidegger have struggled with the concept of time. On a more practical level, the invention of the mechanical clock in th... Read More »