How to Teach Fractions to a First-Grader?

Answer First-graders who have mastered basic counting of whole numbers are ready to start learning about fractions. Students understand fractions more easily when they connect the concept to something tan... Read More »

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How to Teach Fractions to a Third Grader?

Students begin exploring fractions in second grade. In third grade students are expected to understand fractions conceptually, to identify fractions using concrete models, to compare fractions and ... Read More »

How to Teach Poetry to a First Grader or Younger?

Don't expect it to be Shakespeare.  Here is an example written by a first grader.  "My mom called me to bed but I said, “It’s too dangerous. I said. But, “It’s nighttime with a warm night... Read More »

How to Teach English to a Korean First-Grader?

Teaching English to Korean children is extremely rewarding, but it does require patience. There are a few fundamentals that Korean children need to learn first that will allow for higher learning a... Read More »

How Can I Teach a First Grader to Recognize Numbers?

Learning to recognize numbers is the groundwork from which children will learn about the rest of math. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, instruction is more... Read More »