How to Teach Fractions With Hershey Bars?

Answer Teaching your students about fractions with Hershey bars can make the difference between helping your students learn with a tasty incentive and the inability to grasp a concept that scares fourth o... Read More »

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How many people eat Hershey bars?

Hershey bars are purchased and enjoyed nationally and internationally. According to the Hershey Corp. website, company sales exceeded 4 billion in 2004 This total includes the total number of Hersh... Read More »

Do the french eat Hershey chocolate bars?

The French do not generally eat Hershey's chocolate bars because Hershey's products are not widely available in France. However, French people sometimes try Hershey's chocolate bars when they visit... Read More »

Fraction Activity With Hershey Bars?

Fractions can be a daunting lesson for many elementary school students. Integrating something that each child can relate to, such as Hershey's candy bars, aids in the comprehension of the concept. ... Read More »

Did anyone know that John Lennon loved Hershey chocolate bars?

More to the point, did John Lennon know i liked mars bars?