How to Teach Estimation in Grade 3?

Answer Estimation is the act of finding an answer that is close to the actual answer, but not exact. It can save time, save you from making a mistake with your calculator and keep your mind active. Teachi... Read More »

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How to Teach Estimation to Third Grade Students?

Estimation is the art of coming close to a product, sum or difference without computing the exact answer to an equation. Third-grade students who learn this technique gain a better understanding of... Read More »

Estimation Activities for the 3rd Grade?

Students learn the importance of estimation in math and how it can be used in the real world. Third graders use estimation during math class when learning about addition, subtraction, multiplicatio... Read More »

Estimation Activities for the Third Grade?

Estimation is an approximation of an end result that is made when not enough data is present. Talk to your students about situations in which they have used estimation in the past. Perhaps they had... Read More »

How to Teach DBQ to Grade 4?

A DBQ, or document-based question, allows students to analyze primary source documents, and gives them the opportunity to respond or write essays based on the information they gather in connection ... Read More »