How to Teach Contractions in First Grade?

Answer Two words put together form a contraction, usually by omitting some letters or a sound. Contractions can be a source of confusion for first-graders learning to read and spell. Teach students about ... Read More »

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What Are Some Activities You Should Teach on the First Day of School for First Grade Students?

School is still a fairly new concept to first-grade students. The first day of school brings mixed emotions to these young children. Leave your students with a positive impression of the first grad... Read More »

How to Teach the First Grade to Read a Map?

First graders think in the concrete, literal, factual and absolute. So teaching them to read a map needs to start with a basic sense of direction and practice associating symbols with real world ob... Read More »

How to Teach Graphing to First Grade?

Graphing is a math skill that many first graders might find challenging. If you present this lesson in a fun, engaging way, children will pick up on it quickly and understand it on a deep level. Ch... Read More »

How to Teach Verbs for the First Grade?

Although first graders' understanding of parts of speech may be limited, many state-designed curriculum standards set forth specifics concerning verbs. As an example, by the end of first grade, stu... Read More »