How to Teach Chunking When Writing Essays?

Answer In essay writing, the practice of "chunking" is involved in the prewriting and research process, though it is also part of actually writing the piece. Chunks are blocks of information that include ... Read More »

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How to Apply the Chunking Technique With a Chunking Cap?

Chunking is a stylish way to add bold color to a man or woman's hair. Chunking involves applying artificial color one large "chunk" of hair at a time. Traditionally applied with foil wraps, hair dr... Read More »

Techniques for Writing Persuasive Essays?

A persuasive or argumentative essay is meant to convince its readers of a particular position or argument. Any number of subjects may be covered by one of these essays, and while each will have its... Read More »

How to Not Procrastinate on Writing AP World History Essays?

Have you ever tried to write an essay for AP world history and start to procrastinate? This page will give you many steps, tips, and warning so that you can finish your essays in a timely manor, an... Read More »

Tips on Writing Thesis Statements for Essays?

By summarizing your main argument, a thesis statement provides a specific focus and foundation for your essay. This helps you write an organized and coherent paper, and it helps the reader comprehe... Read More »