How to Teach Children Multiplication Facts?

Answer Learning the multiplication tables is a rite of passage that all elementary students go through. It involves countless hours of drilling the facts with their teachers in class and with parents at h... Read More »

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Ideas to Teach Multiplication Facts?

While you may not regularly need to figure out the area of a triangle, multiplication facts are an aspect of math class that does turn up in daily life. From coupons to recipes to paying bills, mul... Read More »

Dice Games to Teach Multiplication Facts?

Capturing and holding the attention of students can be challenging in any content area, and math is definitely one of those areas. By using games in math, the interest of the student will be held, ... Read More »

Math games that teach multiplication facts?

Every student should feel comfortable reciting the basic multiplication facts. A strong knowledge of multiplication will be beneficial to students in all future mathematics endeavors. Educators sho... Read More »

How to Teach Multiplication Facts and Higher Order Thinking?

Higher order thinking goes beyond recalling basic facts. In the case of multiplication, this means teaching students the rules of multiplication so that they can apply them to real-world math probl... Read More »