How to Teach Children Judgment?

Answer According to Jean Piaget, a moral development psychologist, moral thinking is developed as a result of a child's interaction with his environment. He suggests that while young children do not under... Read More »

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How to Teach the Theme of Judgment?

Themes are overarching ideas within artistic works. By teaching your students to identify themes, you can encourage them to delve deeper into pieces of literature, artistic creations or even musica... Read More »

How to Teach Children (Age 3 to 9)?

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How Do I Teach Morals to Children?

The question of teaching morals to children has grown clouded by the issue of religious doctrine, and the assumption that certain values are "better" than others. Every family has their own set of ... Read More »

How to Teach Ideas to Children?

Teaching your child a new idea can be challenging, but there are tricks to successfully imparting concepts of any sort. Among them is determining what type of learner she is. Children's learning st... Read More »