How to Teach Buoyancy to Grade School Children?

Answer When you place an object in water, you shift the water to make room for the object. Gravity forces an object down in water. Buoyancy, a force that liquids possess to make objects of less density ri... Read More »

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How do I Teach Forensics to Grade School Children?

Prepare a handout regarding the basics of a crime investigation and assign that it be read prior to this activity. Set up a table in the classroom with cheddar cheese, chewy fudge, powdered donuts... Read More »

How to Teach Low IQ Children in the First Grade?

Teaching children with learning disabilities can be a particularly challenging situation for educators. Students with low IQs tend to learn at a much slower rate than other children, and often have... Read More »

How to Teach Children With Learning Disabilities Before First Grade?

Children with learning disabilities require extra help when they are young to have success in school and later careers. The sooner parents start instructing children, the better the children's chan... Read More »

Fun Activities to Teach Emotions & Feelings to Children in the 4th to 6th Grade?

Not only do emotions come and go unexpectedly, they are also tricky to articulate. Teaching emotions and feelings in 4th to 6th grade is imperative --- if a student does not value the messages her ... Read More »