How to Teach Art & Music?

Answer Learning art and music at an early age can improve a child's understanding of math and science. It is important for teachers to not only teach a little history with the arts but also their practica... Read More »

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How to Teach Music Notes?

The ability to read music well forms the cornerstone of solid musicianship. Whether you give private music lessons or teach vocal or instrumental classes, you can make learning notes more interesti... Read More »

How to Teach Music Ballads?

Ballads are musical stories. Traditionally, they tell stories of estranged lovers, tragic lovers, betrayal, death and disaster. In short, they were the old-time soap operas--intense, tragic and oft... Read More »

How to Teach Music to Adults?

Teaching music to adults is generally more challenging than teaching music to children. Children have more neural plasticity than adults, which makes it easier for children to pick up new skills co... Read More »

How to Teach Music Production?

Music production can be a fun, although challenging, subject to teach students at any grade level. Many students enjoy music, and will be easy to engage in class discussion and activities. Because ... Read More »