How to Teach About Commas in the First Grade?

Answer First-graders are just learning to write sentences. Because well-written sentences have proper punctuation, teachers must teach their first-graders about using commas. Create strategies to introduc... Read More »

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Teaching Strategies for Commas in the First Grade?

As first graders gain confidence and competence in writing, it's vital to teach them proper punctuation alongside the development of their written expression, in a way that doesn't intimidate them ... Read More »

How to Teach DBQ to Grade 4?

A DBQ, or document-based question, allows students to analyze primary source documents, and gives them the opportunity to respond or write essays based on the information they gather in connection ... Read More »

How to Teach Low IQ Children in the First Grade?

Teaching children with learning disabilities can be a particularly challenging situation for educators. Students with low IQs tend to learn at a much slower rate than other children, and often have... Read More »

How to Teach the First Grade About the Planets?

Teaching students about the planets can be an awe-inspiring activity for both the students and the teachers. First-graders may not be prepared for the complicated science behind planetary formation... Read More »