How to Tape a Field Hockey Stick?

Answer It is very important to understand the proper way to tape your field hockey stick correctly in order to be an effective player. If you have an improperly taped stick, you may have trouble controlli... Read More »

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How to Tape a Hockey Stick Shaft?

The bare shaft of a hockey stick can become slippery, making it difficult to keep hold of the stick during a game. Taping the shaft of a hockey stick enables you to get a better grip and lessens th... Read More »

How to Hit in Field Hockey?

There are a few different typed of hits you need to know for field hockey. Each hit provides different levels of power and accuracy, and depending on your situation, there is always a hit to use.

How to Play Field Hockey Like a Pro?

Everyone that's on a field hockey team wants to be a captain, but you can't get there unless you're good. Here's how to get better!

How to Play Field Hockey?

Soon you could be a professional...Nothing is more satisfying than whacking a small, hard ball, with a large, hard stick. But field hockey lets you dribble that ball, flick it, roll it, slide it ar... Read More »