How to Tape Plastic Over Car Window in Emergency?

Answer Tape plastic over your car window frame as a quick fix when your window is broken, or you are unable to shut the window. This can be necessary if you find yourself the victim of a burglary, a non-w... Read More »

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Getting strong sticky tape residue off plastic bath & upvc window frames without damaging the plastic?

WD-40 I would first try iy in a hard to see area.

What can I use to remove dark sticky tape from white plastic window frames?

How to Remove Tape Residue From Plastic?

Once adhesive tape is attached to a plastic surface, it seems it is there to stay. When you finally succeed in removing the tape, you are often left with another issue: tape residue. Unfortunately,... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Tape a Car Window?

Tape is used in car windows for two reasons. First, sometimes a damage car window needs to be completely replaced, including the strips and molding that go with it. When this occurs, you can use ta... Read More »