How to Tan a Black Bear Hide?

Answer A black bear spans anywhere from 4 to 7 feet from nose to tail and can only be found in North America. They can run up to 30 miles per hour on a variety of terrain, making them a challenging and di... Read More »

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How to Draw a Black Bear?

What kind of bear is best? False. Black bear. Regardless of whether or not you share Dwight Schrute's affinity for the smallest, most common species of bear, you can follow the steps below to learn... Read More »

How to Field Dress a Black Bear?

When field-dressing a black bear you must approach the downed animal carefully and ensure it is dead, warns the Hunting Canada website. Before beginning the process, tag the bear. Prevent meat spoi... Read More »

How to Learn Black Bear Taxidermy?

Bagging a black bear can be a memorable experience for both novice and skilled hunters. Hunters who want to commemorate that special kill can learn black bear taxidermy through online, person-to-pe... Read More »

How to Draw a Standing Black Bear?

Black bears are secretive, shy animals. They can travel long distances and have a great sense of direction. The males have a habit of scratching particular trees to communicate their presence to ot... Read More »