How to Tan Without Eye Protection?

Answer Tanning without eye protection is never recomended and, over time, may cause damage to your eyes (your eyelids are not thick enough to prevent all the radiation from either the sun or tanning bed f... Read More »

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What are the chances of you being pregnant your first time without protection if he cummed in you?

It's all about when in your cycle you are. 2 weeks before your first day of your period, for 3 days you have a gap when you are most likely to conceive.

You took antibiotics for 5 days starting day 18 to 22 into your cycle and you had sex without protection on day 25 but it is already day 33 and no period could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At the moment it is too early to take a pregnancy test. You need to wait until 3 weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test. However, you period may just be ... Read More »

Can a mother revoke the parental rights of a father if he was removed on a protection from abuse to them order and has had NO contact for 3 years without his consent?

AnswerYes, You can request anything, the sex, the race, the parental histories. This is a major decision. Seriously think of what it is you want, how realistic your request is and tell that to who ... Read More »

How to Buy a Personal Protection Dog?

A personal protection dog has been trained to defend you in the event you are attacked or being threatened by another person or animal. Personal protection dogs have received special training and a... Read More »