How to Talk to a Husband About Money?

Answer Money disagreements are one of the major causes of arguments and divorce in the United States. If you and your husband do not communicate about money before problems arise, you will find yourself i... Read More »

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Why won't husband talk about bad childhood?

Possibly because he doesn't want to revisit a time that he feels he has left behind. He may have already had counseling and has resolved the issue. Otherwise, he just doesn't feel the need at this ... Read More »

Which talk show host is the husband of newswoman connie chung?

Which talk show host is the husband of newswomen connie chung?

How do you stop your husband to talk about weight in front of your 12 year old daughter when her doctor says she is ok for her height in 50percentile range?

One Suggestion Make an appointment for your husband to discuss the issue with the doctor, or ask the doctor to write a letter explaining the situation and the dangers of your husband continuing to ... Read More »