How to Talk to Your Child About Smoking, Drinking and Drugs?

Answer Talking with your children about the danger of smoking, drinking and drugs shouldn't be a one-time event. Start the conversation early and have it often. Don't think of these talks as milestone eve... Read More »

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How do I ask her to stop drugs and drinking?

Drug addiction is a serious problem in modern society that affects somehow every nation and every family. Every drug abuse results in a great number of serious illnesses and lethal outcomes. That i... Read More »

Signs of Drinking & Drugs?

Many people have periods of moodiness, angry outbursts and changes in interests. However, when these behaviors become sudden, more frequent and extreme, loved ones should begin to suspect drug and ... Read More »

How to Deal With Someone Who Is Having Problems With Drugs or Drinking?

Is there someone in your life that is having problems with drugs or alcohol? You cannot change anyone else's behavior, only your own. Here is how to survive.

How can drugs and smoking lead to underage pregnancy?

Answer drugs and alcohol can lead to pregnancy because people often don't realize the effects of what they're doing under the influence, causing one night stands Answer Underage smoker nods out on ... Read More »