How to Talk to Tweens About Personal Hygiene?

Answer If you know a tween, a preteen or a child that is not quite a teenager that has a little difficulty with personal hygiene, it may be hard to bring up the subject in a way that will not hurt their f... Read More »

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How to Talk to Teens About Personal Hygiene?

As teenagers enter adulthood, it is important to teach them about proper hygiene, which, if practiced, can help maintain your teen's health and help them to develop positive habits they will follow... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Care About Their Personal Hygiene?

Good personal hygiene is important for social and health reasons. When a person doesn't care about hygiene, it can affect all interactions, from the personal to the professional. Bad breath, body o... Read More »

What Kids Need to Know About Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene, or cleaning, grooming and taking care of your body, is an important subject for parents or other caretakers to discuss with their children. Daily activities, such as playing sport... Read More »

Has any of you ever been warned by an employer about improving your personal hygiene?

Uh.. no. I'm tempted to make this into a joke, but I think you should also know that, unless we're talking about a hygiene issue that impairs you or fellow co-workers from fulfilling the job descri... Read More »