How to Talk to Third Graders About Going Green?

Answer For third-graders to learn how to recycle, take care of our earth, and use products wisely, talking to them about going green is key. Use age-appropriate discussions to teach them how just one pers... Read More »

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How to Teach First Graders Not to Talk in Class?

First-grade students are at an age where they may find it difficult to respect classroom rules, such as not talking during class. In first grade, many students are still getting accustomed to a str... Read More »

Do male or female green parrots talk better?

On One Hand: Males Talk More Than Females"Green" can describe a number of parrots, all having some amount of green in their plumage. Australian king, Amazon, caique, conure, male eclectus, quaker a... Read More »

Why is the waiting room for talk show guests called the green room?

AnswerBecause usually it was painted green, a color that was considered to be soothing and would calm the guests. I don't think so seeing as in Shakespearian times it was also known as the green ro... Read More »

Are 3rd graders dumber than 5th graders?

No. 5th graders are dumber than third graders because 5th graders could kill everybody riding the bus. Because they sing annoying songs all the time ( which could Descartes the bus driver.)