How to Talk to Teens About Drugs?

Answer When it comes to informing teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, a strong, clear message from a trusted adult is incredibly valuable. You can't rely on teenagers to gather what they need to... Read More »

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How can teens avoid using drugs?

Many teens know to "just say no" to peer pressure for drug use. However, peer pressuring doesn't always mean being made fun of for staying drug-free. According to Psych Central, simply being in a s... Read More »

Drugs & How They Affect Teens in School?

Teens can have access to many different types of drugs both at school and outside of school. Drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine are often available at parties with teens present. Heroin, hallucinog... Read More »

Why do people talk about drugs all the time and why is it a hot topic?

It's not really a question that you can expect a simple answer to. Drugs have been around for a long time and have a very interesting impact of society. Some people do it to rebel while other do it... Read More »

How to Talk to Your Child About Smoking, Drinking and Drugs?

Talking with your children about the danger of smoking, drinking and drugs shouldn't be a one-time event. Start the conversation early and have it often. Don't think of these talks as milestone eve... Read More »