How to Talk to Children So They Will Listen?

Answer Talking to your child so they will listen does not have to be a difficult, trying task. The key to most communication is showing by example. If you want your child to clean up their room, make sure... Read More »

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Do parents who put their children up for adoption worry about how they will feel as they get older?

Adoption WorriesYes, many do, but adoption is better than abortion. Isn't it better to be adopted by two parents who want a child than to be born to a young girl who will use public assistance for ... Read More »

If I let my indoor plants listen to 3 hours of Bach a day, will they grow faster?

In fact, plants do like "sounds".. not necessarely music... A lot of experience had been made to show if music can help or not. In all case, plants growing with music did a lot better than the one ... Read More »

When detectives tap a cell phone do they have to be in the area or can they listen from anywhere?

Anywhere. Source(s): Me, retired Police Officer

So when they start abusing children who will come to their rescue ?

This is most heartbreaking. gays a do not need children if they want them let them get their life right with the Lord and have them like normal parents. It wrong no matter how many thumb down I ge... Read More »