How to Talk Properly Without Sounding Posh?

Answer Do you wince when you talk? Sound 'common'? We all want to speak properly - but how, after all those years of using slang, and not putting endings on words (e.g : 'Singin instead of 'singing')? We... Read More »

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How can i use "ptt" posh to talk in my nokia n73?

Depends if your mobile phone network allows it. Many are not yet using this facility. Need to ask your network provider if this is available, or if they have plans to introduce it.

How to Talk to a Teenager Without Sounding Offensive?

Today's teens face an absurd amount of "ageism" from both younger and older people alike. You may be offensive to teens without even realizing it! The stress young people feel due to this ageism is... Read More »

How to talk to my doctor without sounding crazy?

First off, you are not a nut case or insane, beleive it or not, there are many people that suffer with severe anxiety. It's a clinical problem that many people deal with everyday, & can be extremel... Read More »

I feel so weird, I can't seem to think or talk properly at the moment..?

It's probably just a state of mind as opposed to a condition. Typically, brain tumors include vomiting in the package (so, if there's no vomit, I wouldn't worry). Feeling weird is part of being hum... Read More »