How to Take the Rotors Off of a 2000 Honda?

Answer Your Honda motorcycle's brake rotors are built to withstand the extreme stresses placed upon them by high-performance riding. Unfortunately, these forces will eventually overwhelm the thin steel di... Read More »

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How to Replace Rotors on a 2000 Honda?

The rotors on a 2000 Honda Accord are responsible for providing a smooth and solid platform for the brake pads to slow and eventually stop the car during braking. If the rotors are badly scored, th... Read More »

How to Take off Rotors on a 1998 Honda Civic?

The first Civic hit U.S. showrooms in the 1973 model year, and it came as either a hatchback or a sedan. In 1996, Honda modernized the sixth generation of its popular compact car, giving it more ag... Read More »

How to Take Apart the Inside Rearview Mirror on a 2000 Honda Accord?

The adhesive used to hold the mirrored plating onto the mirror lens on the 2000 Honda Accord can start to dry out due to consistent exposure to the sun. Over time, this causes the mirror lens to ye... Read More »

How to Replace Rotors on a 2000 F-150?

Every time you hit the brakes in your 2000 Ford F-150, brake pads rub against brake rotors, creating friction to slow the truck down. This friction also creates heat, and over time the brake pad an... Read More »