How to Take the LSAT?

Answer Although some people may naturally excel on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), the majority must prepare for this rite of passage required for admission to law school. The test consists of five ... Read More »

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Law Schools That Take the Higher LSAT Score?

A student may take the LSAT a maximum of three times. Law schools take LSAT scores into account in one of two ways. Most law schools average an applicant's scores. But some schools view only the to... Read More »

Law School LSAT Requirements?

The Law School Admission Council lists 199 ABA approved law schools on its website; each school determines admission by selecting the candidates who have good undergraduate GPA's, passing LSAT scor... Read More »

The Average GPA & LSAT for Law Schools?

Applying to law school can be a confusing, drawn-out process. Like any professional school, it is difficult to determine your chances of acceptance, causing you to wonder whether or not it may be w... Read More »

How to Get a Good Score on the LSAT?

You will need prep books, time, and determination. As a professional LSAT tutor and blogger in NYC, I will tell you exactly what you must do to achieve a top LSAT score. Keep reading to find out ho... Read More »