How to Take the Cover Off the IBM T43?

Answer The cover of your IBM ThinkPad T43 laptop is the plastic case that sits around the keyboard. This case protects the internal components of the computer. However, it is possible to remove this case ... Read More »

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How long would it take to read Wikipedia from cover to cover?

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Ram clip in way of radeon hd5450 plastic cover. Can I take plastic cover off?

You didn't post the link correctly. Can you repost it so we can check it out?

How do you take a cover off a computer?

It depends on the computer case. Some require you to unscrew it from the back.Look in the back of the computer, unscrew the silver screws and slide the cover off.Some cases you have to remove the f... Read More »

How do i take the cover off of a fluorescent light?

Turn Off PowerTurn off the fluorescent light, and turn off the electricity to the light at the circuit breaker.Remove the CoverPlace a step stool below the fluorescent light if it is located on a c... Read More »