How to Take the Cover Off of a Smoke Alarm?

Answer Smoke alarms are potentially life-saving devices that emit a high-pitch noise to warn people of fires within the home or building. To keep a smoke alarm in working condition, replacing the battery ... Read More »

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Why does my smoke alarm keep going off:?

If your smoke alarm is older than about 5 years, then smoke particles could be stuck in the sensors, making it go off when ever you put a battery in there. I would recommend taking a compressed air... Read More »

How much smoke does it take to set off an alarm?

There are two different types of smoke alarms: ionisation and optical. Ionisation alarms are very sensitive to smoke produced by flaming fires such as chip pans and other fires that may start aroun... Read More »

Can dog excrement set off a smoke alarm?

It hasn't happened to me. And I have a sensitive smoke detector and lots of dogs and frequent dog poo. But I never had a steaming pile situated right under the detector, though. Maybe that is th... Read More »

How do I shut my smoke alarm up!!?

Hawkeye42,.. First,. the continuous beeping you here from your smoke detector, is because your batteries are going dead, the beeping is a reminder to inform you it is time to change the batteries... Read More »