How to Take the Ball Off of a Lip Ring?

Answer Piercings are a popular method of self expression among teenagers and young adults. Circular or straight barbells are often used for lip piercings. Similar in structure to the back of a traditional... Read More »

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How to Easily Put the Ball on a Lip Ring?

Changing a ball onto a lip ring is a straightforward way to alter your body piercing look on a day to day basis. Two types of lip rings exist: the circular barbell and the ball closure ring. Circul... Read More »

How to Remove a Lip Ring Ball?

Removing a lip ring ball is not always as easy as it looks. Often, once the ring is in the ball seems stuck. You might be convinced you will never get it out again. With a little assistance, you ca... Read More »

How to Get a Single Ball Lip Ring in Your Mouth?

Replacing a lip piercing with a single ball, or captive-bead, ring must be done properly to avoid infection. Approximately eight weeks after the initial procedure it is time to change the original ... Read More »

How to Put the Ball Back in a Belly Ring?

Once the mark of the outsider and relegated to various subcultures, body piercing has become quite common. One piercing in particular, the belly ring, has proved popular among a wide variety of peo... Read More »