How to Take off a White Scuff on a Black Car?

Answer Black cars are known for being the hardest color vehicle to keep clean. The black surface allows dirt, scuff marks and other imperfections to show more readily than on a light-colored vehicle. Scuf... Read More »

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How to Remove Black Scuff Marks on White Dress Shoes?

Black scuff marks are the bane of white dress shoes and you cannot always wipe them away easily. While you may be tempted to turn to harsh chemicals to restore the brightness of your white dress sh... Read More »

What Will Take Black Scuff Marks off of Vinyl?

Black scuff marks happen when black-soled shoes or rubber furniture feet mark up vinyl flooring. You have several ways to remove these marks on vinyl. Use the mildest solvent possible to prevent da... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Scuff Marks on a Black Car?

Black cars are notorious for showing every little scratch and imperfection in the paint, including scuff marks. Scuff marks are usually in the form of scrapes from another car, a shopping cart or c... Read More »

How to Take Good Black & White Pictures?

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