How to Take an LCD TV as Checked Baggage?

Answer Liquid-crystal display (LCD) televisions are flat-screen televisions that are thinner and lighter than traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions. The reduced size and weight of LCD televisions... Read More »

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Can i take fresh mangoes from florida to switzerland in checked baggage?

No, fresh fruit and vegetables are not allowed across most borders and will be confiscated upon arrival in Europe.

"No Checked Baggage Service" on Amtrak?

There are racks in each car that you can put your big bags on. Or you can store your small bags in the overhead racks. And you can only bring the 2 bags per passenger. Have a safe trip.

Southwest Airlines Checked Baggage Rules?

Southwest Airlines is one of the newest airlines in the United States, only in operation since 1971. Southwest aircrafts fly to more than 60 cities in the United States, not limited to the Southwes... Read More »

Bringing vodka in my checked baggage on the plane?

You'll most likely be fine with the vodka in your checked luggage. Liquids and alcohol are fine in checked luggage and unless you're carrying something else illegal, there's little chance that your... Read More »