How to Take an Accurate IQ Test?

Answer IQ, standing for 'intelligence quotient,' is an intelligence test, supposed to give an accurate impression of a person's mental abilities relative to others of a similar age. There are many free te... Read More »

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How soon can I take an EPT test and get accurate results?

Early-detection pregnancy tests (EPTs) produce accurate results after six to eight days from the time of conception, according to Early-Pregnancy-Tests. However, conception can actually occur up to... Read More »

What is the most accurate test for hepatitis c?

On One Hand: Blood TestsThe most accurate test for hepatitis C is conducted by a health care professional. Usually, a blood test will be given to see if hepatitis C is present. According to the May... Read More »

How soon is a pregnancy test accurate after delivery?

How accurate is a blood paternity test?

According to, a blood paternity test can be 99.999 percent accurate or higher when declaring the probability of parenthood. If a person is excluded, or found not to be biologically re... Read More »