How to Take a Sexy Picture?

Answer 'You take pretty pictures' - a comment we all love to hear. But why stop at pretty, when you can have a sexy picture taken? Sexiness is something every woman (and man) encompasses, but sometimes we... Read More »

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How to Take off Clothes in a Sexy Way?

Taking your clothes off sexily is one of the easiest things you can do to impress a man or get his attention without a lot of work going in to it on your part. Men simply love to watch a sexy woman... Read More »

How to Take an Attractive and Sexy Portrait?

Do you want to take your portrait photography up a notch from ordinary snapshots? Would you like make a really attractive portrait of your sweetheart or somebody you like? Here are a few beginning ... Read More »

OK the ultimate question is here>> sexy gal or sexy sports car, which one to opt for?

No contest: sexy sports car! It won't cheat on you, it won't demand ridiculous things, and it will still be with you in a couple years. Sexy gals are a dime a dozen, enjoy the freakin' car.Plus, a ... Read More »

Picture Day - Take Two?

I don't have any Glamour Shots handy. Lol.You are very pretty.Add: Okay, I'll play only for a few minutes. Most of you know I'm the crazy paranoid one around here.Aesa and Leah you're making me ... Read More »