How to Take a Screenshot with an iPod?

Answer In addition to taking pictures of your friends and family, you can also use your iPod to take pictures of anything on your the screen. Using this screen shot, you can take pictures of websites you ... Read More »

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How do you take an iPod touch screenshot?

You hold the power button and press the home button.

Can you screenshot with your htc one v?

Yes, 2 ways.Hold the power button, then tap the home buttonHold the power button and tap the volume down button.You'll see the screen flash, and hear a camera noise when it happens.

How do I take a screenshot in XP?

Take a SnapshotArrange any open windows or visible icons as you want them to look in the screen shot. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard; the button might be labeled "Prt Scr," "Prnt ... Read More »

How do I take a screenshot?

Find the PRT SCR button on your keyboard, it should be next to Scroll LockOnce you find it, make sure you can see the part you want to screenshot, and hit that button. It won't do anything visible.... Read More »