How to Take a Picture With Both People in Skype?

Answer Skype video chat is a free way to have a live chat with another person using a web cam. In a Skype video chat, you see the person you are talking with in a large screen and the video of yourself in... Read More »

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How to Change Your Picture in Skype?

To change a picture on your Skype profile is not hard to do. Just carefully follow these steps and you will manage.It is assumed that you installed the latest version of Skype

How to Add a Picture on a Skype Account?

Once you have set up your Skype account, you will probably notice a box with a question mark in it. That is where you can add a picture of yourself, for all your Skype contacts to see. But there is... Read More »

What do people use Skype for?

Skype is used by millions of people to communicate. Skype works as a web-based video chat program. You can also use Skype to place computer-to-computer audio calls and computer-to-telephone calls. ... Read More »

If two people are on the same Skype can they see?

No, she can't. If your friend calls you and she answers, it will pick up on her computer, and it will be like you rejected the call on your end, but she can talk to whoever called you. If you IM so... Read More »