How to Take a Name Off of an iPod Device?

Answer Removing a name from an iPod device is an easy fix. Naming your iPod when it is hooked up to a computer can be convenient to distinguish it from others in your household. Your iPod comes from the f... Read More »

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Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

Answer windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.

How to Make an iPod Classic Show Videos on an iPod Video Device?

The iPod Classic, unlike the other iPod releases (iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone), does not rely on a touch screen to adjust the settings and select audio/video files, but instead the classic contro... Read More »

What is the definition of the ipod device?

definition-> A positive device for downloading audio/video from the internet; I-Tunes website Maunufactured by Apple Computer, inc.

Is an iPod an input device?