How to Take a Lip Ring Out After It Heals?

Answer You may find that some occasions aren't appropriate for lip jewelry or you may wish to change it. Knowing how to remove the jewelry in the proper fashion will save you time and prevent infection. B... Read More »

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How to Take a Lip Ring Out Before it Heals?

A lip piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal. The piercing can contain a stud with a flat back, or a ring. Rings are harder to remove than studs, and can cause quite a bit of pain if the jewelry is ch... Read More »

Can you take out a nose ring after 4 weeks?

On One Hand: Nose Piercings Take A Few Months to HealAfter getting a nose piercing, it will need time to heal. The recommended time to leave in the piercing stud post piercing is between 2 and 4 mo... Read More »

After a concussion heals can you go back to boxing?

know what happens to a boxer's brain? ever see mohammed ali? the brain undergoes necrosis where it is bruised. sure you want that?

My stretched ear swelled up & the hole looks smaller. Can I put my plug back in after it heals?

You may use smaller diameter plugs as otherwise the holes may get closed and you may be forced to pierce it again.