How to Take a Disc Out of a Laptop CD Tray?

Answer Numerous laptops feature optical drives that are capable of reading CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs. Each drive has a tray that holds the disc in place as it spins, and is read by the laser inside the dri... Read More »

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The Disc Tray Won't Open on My Sony VAIO Laptop?

Sony Vaio laptops equipped with a media disc tray can play back individual CDs and DVDs as well, on models equipped with a multimedia disc drive. If the tray fails to open in the usual way, by pres... Read More »

Which kind of laptop tray is best Can you offer me a best laptop tray supplier?

Want to find a best laptop tray supplier? Ningbo Cooskin Stationery Co.,Ltd got so many best laptop tray reviews from their regular customers. There are also many many kinds of laoptop trays in Coo... Read More »

How do I open the disc tray on an iMac?

Opening the Disk Tray Using the KeyLook for the key on the Mac keyboard that has an image that looks like a diamond with a line under it. Press the key (a similar shape should come up on your scree... Read More »

How to Open the Disc Tray on the G3 Ibook?

The disc tray on an iBook with a G3 processing chip allows you to load CDs or DVDs into the computer. The tray opens when you load a disc and when you eject a disc. In order for the disc tray to ... Read More »