How to Take Stains off of Knees & Elbows?

Answer The excessive friction and wear that knees and elbows endure may leave them looking stained and darker than the skin on the rest of your body. Get your skin in shape for summer by reducing these da... Read More »

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How to Treat Dry Knees and Elbows?

Its no wonder knees an elbow get so dry and rough during the winter; they're one of the most used parts of the body helping you bend, kneel, and lean throughout the day. All this wear causes a buil... Read More »

How do we get rid of dark knees and elbows?

put a good lotion. maybe cocoa butter would be good.

What does it mean if your knees and elbows hurt and ache?

Judging from your age, you're probably just growing. It can also be the way you workout. You're too young to have joint problems, so I wouldn't worry.

How to Get Rid of Dark Brown Knees & Elbows?

Discoloration of the knees and elbows can be caused by many natural behaviors. Although it might take a little hard work to resolve the issue, you can get rid of dark brown knees and elbows. There ... Read More »