How to Take Out a Transmission?

Answer When removing a transmission, caution should be observed, as the unit is quite heavy. The transmission can be removed on the ground with a floor jack, however the floor jack gives only support and ... Read More »

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How to Take Off a Transmission on a Classic Mustang?

Classic Mustangs were equipped with one of three automatic transmissions: the FMX, the C4 and the C6. Each transmission featured three forward gears and one reverse gear. All three transmissions we... Read More »

How to Take Out a Ford Ranger Transmission?

The transmission in your Ford Ranger is subject to a high degree of abuse, whether from towing, hauling heavy loads or the daily grind of stop-and go traffic. As the transmission ages, gears can we... Read More »

How much transmission fluid does my car take?

Keeping your transmission fluid at the proper level is vitally important to your drivetrain's longevity and performance. Though slightly overfilling a transmission generally won't cause any real h... Read More »

How to Take the Transmission Lines Off the Radiator on a 97 Ford Taurus?

The 1997 Ford Taurus equipped with an automatic transmission uses a transmission cooler built into the passenger-side radiator tank to remove heat from the transmission. Removing the transmission l... Read More »