How to Take Out a Hyundai Stereo?

Answer If you are considering replacing your Hyundai stereo with an up-to-date stereo with MP3, bluetooth, or satellite-radio capabilities, it will be necessary for you to remove the old stereo first. Tak... Read More »

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How many amps does a Hyundai Sonata stereo have?

The Hyundai Sonata comes equipped with stereo systems with different amplifier levels (watts), depending on the model of the Sonata. For example, the Sonata SE and SE V6 come with a 240-watt stereo... Read More »

How can I play internet radio (Slacker, etc.), from my cell to my home stereo system My stereo has a USB port?

You user the headphone jack from the phone attached to aux in on the stereo either RCA in or Mini 3.5 jack in; you also need the appropriate cord in order to do this.....

Will any sharper image stereo remote work my 10 year old stereo?

Probably not.Sharper Image is known as a retailer, not a manufacturer. Anything they sell is probably bought on spec from various overseas manufacturers. Universal remotes may or may not support Sh... Read More »

What wiring do I need to connect my stereo receiver to my TV that will allow the stereo speakers work with TV?

You need a L and R audio RCA cables and a VIDEO cable. Just connect these cables between your TV and your stereo receiver and you should have high-fidelity for your audio/video system.Happy listen... Read More »