How to Take Out a Creased Car Dent?

Answer A crease dent is one that is shaped like an elongate oval with a deep recession in the middle of the oval. These dents often occur due to accidents and they are removed using specially designed too... Read More »

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How to Remove a Creased Dent?

Creased dents are not very common, but can occur on the surface of a car depending on the type of collision it was involved in. A creased dent is where the metal has a line, or crease, that pushes ... Read More »

Uneven eyes: one creased, one not creased?

If you are referring to having one "one-line" (Asian style) eyelid and one "two-line" (western style) eyelid, in the Chinese newspapers, they have ads for these plastic things you can stick onto yo... Read More »

How Fix a Dent?

Dents are an inevitable part of car ownership, but that doesn't make them any less depressing. They happen in an instant, and whether they are the result of a runaway shopping cart in the grocery s... Read More »

How to Fix a Dent in Your Car?

Whether a dent was caused by hail or a stray shopping cart, it is a frustrating thing when it happens to your car. Luckily, minor dents, both small and large, can easily be removed at home, using s... Read More »