How to Take Out a Creased Car Dent?

Answer A crease dent is one that is shaped like an elongate oval with a deep recession in the middle of the oval. These dents often occur due to accidents and they are removed using specially designed too... Read More »

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How to Remove a Creased Dent?

Creased dents are not very common, but can occur on the surface of a car depending on the type of collision it was involved in. A creased dent is where the metal has a line, or crease, that pushes ... Read More »

Uneven eyes: one creased, one not creased?

If you are referring to having one "one-line" (Asian style) eyelid and one "two-line" (western style) eyelid, in the Chinese newspapers, they have ads for these plastic things you can stick onto yo... Read More »

How to Use Dry Ice to Get Out a Dent?

A car dent occurs when the sheet metal stretches due to an impact. Metal feels and appears to be solid, but it is actually made up of millions of molecules all packed together. Heat is something th... Read More »

How Fix a Dent?

Dents are an inevitable part of car ownership, but that doesn't make them any less depressing. They happen in an instant, and whether they are the result of a runaway shopping cart in the grocery s... Read More »