How to Take Off the Seat on a Suzuki C50?

Answer For a new Suzuki C50 Boulevard owner, the removing the motorcycle's seat can look much more complicated than it really is. With no visible means of unlocking or unbolting the seat, many puzzled C50... Read More »

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Instructions to Remove the Seat From a Suzuki Car?

Suzuki automobiles are basic as far as seat installations. There are four bolts holding the front seat in place and the rear seats come apart with minimal effort. Removing the seats are mandatory w... Read More »

How to Remove the Seat From a Suzuki GSX 750 Katana?

On a motorcycle, there isn't a lot of room for accessing every part, so some of them are hidden here or there. On a Suzuki GSX 750, the battery and wiring are hidden underneath the seat. If your ba... Read More »

How to Remove the Seat From a Suzuki Katana 750?

Like many motorcycles, the Suzuki 750 Katana utilizes the space underneath the seat for wiring and the battery. To tinker with wiring or replace the battery of the Katana, you must first remove the... Read More »

How to Lift the Seat on a 2007 Suzuki Sv650?

Suzuki's SV650 motorcycles house many of their electrical components and storage compartments beneath their seats. For the most part, an SV650's seats are rarely disturbed beyond accessing the stor... Read More »